ZEN Diagnostics: enabling companies with innovative ideas, products, or services to drive growth, take share, and transform markets


An agile organization with deep experience in diagnostics, genetics, medical devices and biotech, ZEN Diagnostics will partner with you to drive performance in your business—corporate strategy, raising capital, operational excellence, and most every business development need a company requires.


Our mission is to drive immediate and tangible business for every client we partner with.


The business plans and partnerships we offer come from deep and relevant experience, with every strategy fueled by the expertise and ambition of people currently building businesses and driving next-generation strategies in healthcare.

And we’re focused on where the industry—commercially, operationally, even legislatively—will be in ten years, not just two. Healthcare is a constantly evolving market, and to thrive within it, you need a forward-thinking, forward-looking, and forward-acting commercial plan.


That’s where ZEN comes in.

A five-minute conversation is sometimes all it takes.


About YOU

We’re looking to partner with healthcare companies focused on innovation, with pioneering thinkers looking to set their transformative ideas in motion, with technologists, scientists, and engineers who know their way around a laboratory and are looking for guidance in business, strategy, and commercialization.

(About THEM)

Healthcare is a competitive market, which means it attracts consultants like moths to the flame. However, most of the consultancies we’ve seen seem to be reliant on strategies and tactics (and PowerPoint decks and proposals) at least a decade old, and are more interested in a high-priced retainer than revenue generation.


Our track record of recent successes comprises innovative companies that have majorly—and successfully—disrupted their markets. One reason companies choose ZEN Diagnostics is our focus on delivering quantifiable and actionable results (e.g., demand generation, revenue streams) rather than empty presentations or recycled information.

And we’re selective in the companies we work with—we will not get involved unless we know we can truly make a difference.

In addition to being a full-service consulting partner, ZEN Diagnostics is also looking to make limited investments in disruptive companies and technologies in healthcare.



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A five-minute conversation is sometimes all it takes.